A Soft Reboot

First, I would like to thank everybody for the FaceBook Birthday spam. I never imagined databases around the world would be caching data about my birthday. If it wasn't for FaceBook, I think I might have passed my birthday up all together. Many of you probably remember I have trouble remembering days and dates.

On another note, I thought I had kicked the old Wrennworld site over the rainbow by accident. But a barking dog insisted I tap my elegant red pumps, say "There's no place like Tsukiji, where you can eat blue fin tuna cheaply" then knuckle down and figure out where I squireled away the current web site database. I'm writing in it now.

You can still find the original here for a while. There will be some minor changes soon. Unless the whole site explodes completely, and then there will be nothing. That's what we have disclaimers for.

Incidentally, Alchemy is really cool.

The design is a work in progress, too. NaNoWriMo taught me a lot last year.